Who We Are

কিতা রেবা/রেগো, ভালা নি ?

We are essentially more than a decade old website, talking and documenting about a community called Sylhetis. An initiative by a small group of Sylheti individuals worldwide, we have remained so after a decade as well. The word Sylhet – সিলেট, সিলটি all derive from the name of a district in Bangaldesh called সিলেট or শ্রীহট্ট. Syed Mujtaba Ali – a writer, polyglot of Sylheti origin and one of the finest cultural observers of the subcontinent and perhaps of the world once tried to capture an essential Sylheti feeling: The District is thicker than the country. A prophetic utternace as subsequent history, including the history of www.syhlleti.org confirms.
In 1999, we were the first in Cyberspace to greet Sylhetis with  কিতা রেবা, ভালা নি? After eleven years, we have undergone a cyber-metamorphosis.
Many things have changed in these years, including Sylhetis, ourselves and the world-at-large.  We started with a basic idea of documenting Sylheti history, oral tradition and few tit-bits. As time went on, the community shaped many of our ventures and initiatives including Matrimonial Services, News, Content, Cultural Consulting, Translation, Editing, and Film Making.  You can read these initiatives in the History of www.syhlleti.org section.
But inspite of all metamorphosis and spewing many offsprings, www.syhlleti.org remains an open platform for Sylhetis of all geographies.

We started this while the founders were all in their early or mid-twenties under the spell of a mysterious Sylheti spirit.        After a decade, we have been in awe in finding the same mysterious spirit present in Sylhetis residing or working in various different geographies. All through these years, this spirit has kept us going – continuing this labour of love.